Prairie Fire Ground Thawer

If you have ever had to do any excavations in good old Frozen Ground or had to dig up a utility repair in the middle of a paved frozen street, we have the solution for you. Others have tried, some have worked with inconvenient propane tanks to refill often and inefficient burners and wrong size of units for the task at hand.

The Prairie Fire Ground Thawer by Canadian Four was designed by us the people that need ground unthawed in the Utility and Waterworks world now not in 3 or 4 days from now. We offer several sizes of ground thawing units that utilize the convince of a clean burning Diesel Fired unit. Frost can be removed from 4 to 8 feet in as little as 16 to 24 hours depending on ground conditions. These self contained units are unthawing the desired area in as little as 5 minutes from arriving on site. Asphalt is turned back to gravel and is automatically cut with straight edges on the bottom of the unit. The Prairie Fire ground Thawer allows you to dig in the middle of a paved street in the dead of winter by hand or with Mini Excavator or Rubber Tired Backhoe eliminating the need for large Excavators or expensive Hydrovacs.

This unit only unthaws the targeted area leaving the surrounding area Frozen and eliminates the need for a Trench cage or Shoring in the right Soil conditions. Once you look at the photos you will see how simple this unit is to use and little effort is needed to excavate by hand or small equipment. Patent Pending

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